HIV and HIV counseling

  • HIV conselling and testing is a critically important first step in reaching out to people who are living with HIV. Since HIV infection can be latent (invisible) for up to ten years, many people who are HIV-positive remain unaware of their status for a number of years before visible symptoms set in.
  • Early diagnosis enables patients to make more informed decisions about their health and allows them to manage their illness more effectively. They are also able to access treatment earlier and could seek further counselling and support where needed.
  • This makes it vitally important that as many people as possible know their status.
  • Anova offers HCT at all of its projects. The project teams also frequently initiate HCT drives in their communitiesand are often invited to offer their services at other community events.

The objectives of this HIV testing and counselling (HTC) policy framework are to advocate and discuss:

  • the continued effective and appropriate use of provider-initiated counselling and testing in health-care settings;
  • the expansion of HTC modes of service delivery beyond health care facility-based HTC to increase access and coverage of services and to maximize efficiency, impact and equity;
  • the strategic choice and implementation of a combination of HTC modes of service delivery based on an analysis of epidemiological, social and programmatic context in order to maximize impact and equity;
  • providing high-quality services and adherence to the guiding principles of HTC in expanding HTC service delivery approaches;
  • establishing and measuring clear HTC targets that are linked with HIV service delivery objectives.