Rashes of Childhood

Childhood rashes are very common and often nothing to worry about. Most rashes are harmless and go away on their own.

However, if your child has developed a rash and seems unwell, or if you're worried, you should see your GP to find out the cause and for any necessary treatment.

The following guide may give you a better idea of the cause of the rash, but do not use this to self-diagnose your child's condition always see a GP for a proper diagnosis.

This page covers the most common causes of rashes in children, which are:

  • chickenpox
  • eczema
  • impetigo
  • ringworm
  • prickly heat
  • erythema multiforme
  • keratosis pilaris ("chicken skin")
  • hand, foot and mouth disease
  • molluscum contagiosum
  • pityriasis rosea
  • scabies
  • hives
  • slapped cheek syndrome
  • psoriasis
  • cellulitis
  • measles