ALS - Advanced Life Support

In EMS (Emergency Medical Services), a basic life support group is the team required to identify emergency situations, give first aid and transport a patient to the nearest hospital if necessary. The EMT is given the task to give all the preliminary aids to the patient if necessary. If the situation calls for it, they can give the patients IV, medicines, and perform oxygen therapies.

If after the preliminary aid is given, the EMT feels that more help is required, a member of the Advanced Life Support (ALS) team is requested to take over.

The ALS group is a team of highly trained individuals that provide more advanced medical help to the patients in transit when needed. In other words, they are authorized to do the things that EMTs cannot do for the patient. To understand their purpose better, here is a closer look at the team's composition, their respective duties and responsibilities.

The Advanced Life Support team is composed of three members namely: the regular paramedic, the critical care paramedic and the emergency care practitioner.