Febrile convulsion

What is a febrile convulsion

A febrile convulsion is a convulsion that occurs with a fever. Many infections in children cause fevers. In some children the fever triggers a convulsion. It is usually related to a fast rise in temperature, not the actual height of the temperature.

Febrile convulsions are also called fever fits, or febrile seizures. Febrile convulsions are common. They are not the same as epilepsy.

What puts my child at risk of getting febrile convulsions

about one in 25 children will have a febrile convulsion febrile convulsions occur between the ages of six months and five years. They are less common after the age of five years there is an increased chance of your child having a febrile convulsion if a close relative had febrile convulsions as a child. The tendency to febrile convulsions runs in families.