Reading a Prescribing Chart - Medicines Management

Medicines management and prescribing in the UK are governed by a complex framework, comprised of legislation, policy and standards, of which our regulatory standards are only one part. Our Standards for medicines management make it clear that it will be necessary for nurses and midwives to refer to local and national policies. We continue to work with relevant agencies to ensure that public protection in medicines management and prescribing is maintained and that nurses and midwives are directed to other sources of help where appropriate.

Medication Management

Our Medication Management solution reduces risk and improves efficiency throughout the entire medication process. From the doctor prescribing, through clinical pharmacy review to medication administration by nurses, our solutions ensure you prevent unnecessary patient suffering due to adverse drug events while enabling more efficient delivery of care as well as significant cost savings.

Our clinician-designed interface allows your staff to access real time information whether they are at the bedside or at a remote location. Our solutions are underpinned by a sophisticated decision support engine that allows you to implement your clinical business rules as an integral component of the medication management process.

Our inbuilt Reference Viewer provides you with the ability to integrate data from multiple data sources including:
  • Generic drug monographs and class information provided by the Australian Medicines Handbook
  • Brand prescribing information sourced from MIMS, including consumer medicine information
  • Best practice guidelines sourced from the Therapeutic Guidelines
  • The Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital Paediatric Pharmacopeia
  • Locally developed guidelines